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Monique and Chris

Written by Neil McKenzie, Fuze Celebrant

It was my absolute pleasure to conduct the humanist wedding ceremony of Monique and Chris at the stunning voco Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow on the 4th of June 2022. This Grade-II listed iconic Glasgow landmark is blessed with Georgian architecture and Art Deco interiors that all come together to create the grandest of wedding atmospheres. It has been lovingly restored to its original features that invite an impressive setting. Chris and Monique were immediately drawn to its beauty along with the advantage of being strategically placed at Glasgow Central Station, meaning an easy wedding commute for their near and far travelled guests. 

Their ceremony took place in The Grand Room and simply blew everyone away with its high ceilings, streaming natural light and centrepiece fireplace.

Proceedings started with some guest participation as Monique and Chris chose the symbolic gesture of a guest’s Well Wishing’ to start proceedings off. I asked their 180 guests an important question; “Are you happy for Chris and Monique to be married today and do you wish them happiness and joy in their married lives together?” – the collective answer was of course “WE ARE”, followed by the biggest cheer that voco Grand Central has ever heard. 

Shona Ferguson, Cluster Meetings & Events, Groups and Reservations Manager: “It was a pleasure to be part of Monique and Chris’s wedding day at voco Grand Central, it was a joy to coordinate. They are a lovely couple and I had such fun planning their special day with them. On the day itself, the team and I were on hand to make sure their day ran without a hitch. 

The team really enjoyed seeing Monique and Chris’s personalities shine through on the day. Amazing personalised touches for family and friends such as a hot sauce table; a Jamaican-inspired menu which our fabulous kitchen team prepared; and a rum punch for their drinks reception. It was wonderful to see it all come together after a year of planning. 

We also enjoyed working alongside Neil from Fuze Ceremonies. He told their story to perfection and you can tell he really loves what he does. Humanist weddings are so popular these days and here at voco Grand Central we are delighted to partner with and recommend Fuze Ceremonies.” 

The Love Story

You only have to see Chris and Monique together to see the easy bond, the unity, but also the humour and fun, that is so obvious between them. They’re best friends, who instinctively know they will be there for each other, to help, look after and support each other, sharing their ups and downs. This friendship, love and companionship – this balance – is what will see them through the rest of their lives together. 

Here’s Monique and Chris’s love story journey taken directly from their wedding day ceremony script. 

First Encounter

Of course, you know this couple well, but you may or may not know some of their stories. I would like to give you a little flavour of the journey that Chris and Monique have made together to get them here today. So let me take you back to four years ago. Chris and Monique had arranged to meet at Northcote Records Bar in London for a 1st date. As Chris was soon to get accustomed to, Monique was late.

In addition to being late, Monique also came to the date with a Plan B if the date wasn’t going so well. She needn’t have worried as they immediately struck up a connection and talked effortlessly for 5 hours. It went so well that Monique even took Chris to the Plan B option, a friend’s party!

Late Again

So after a successful first date, a second date was quickly organized. For that date, Monique was 45 minutes late. Before long as things were going well, Chris wanted to take Monique overseas for a break. Monique wasn’t quite ready for that so they settled for a stay-cation in York. They had a great time, although unbeknownst to Chris, it is actually legal to shoot a Scotsman in York with an arrow (unless it is a Sunday). Grateful that he survived his weekend in York, upon their return Chris duly asked Monique to move in with him. Monique was delighted to accept. Although Chris lived in Richmond – several zones away and her commutes to work were extended, she loved the house and the fact Chris loved to cook, swung the deal.

Glasgow Life

As they settled into their relationship, a series of trips were organised. Greece, Columbia, Italy and Barbados. Monique also got her first taste of Glasgow and to say she was cold would be an understatement. However, she did find a new delicacy in tattie scones, with extra butter.

It wasn’t just the tattie scones that persuaded Monique to move to Glasgow, Chris had an eye on moving on from London. Monique held similar views and Glasgow ticked many boxes. It wasn’t far from Monique’s mum in Isle of Man and her family in London, there were reasonable house prices and a good quality of life, so they settled for the Partick Riviera.

As you know Monique’s personality and approach to life, she has settled into Glasgow fantastically well. Her friendly nature has seen her make many friends in a short period of time. Together, Chris and Monique love socializing, going to the pub, walks in the great outdoors and of course travelling.

The Proposal

As I mentioned earlier, Chris and Monique’s love of travelling. And it was in Bologna, that Chris romantically proposed. Monique lived in Bologna for 2 years and it has held a special place in Monique’s heart ever since. 

As a result, Chris organised a birthday trip to Bologna for Monique. One day, he took her out for a walk up a hill just outside the city. At the top, they had breathtaking views of the city and the countryside, a perfect spot to get down on one knee and propose. Monique was certainly not expecting it and couldn’t breathe for tears as she excitedly accepted and a celebratory toast followed with their Italian friends. Bologna certainly captured the heart of Chris as he organized his stag do there.

As Chris and Monique completed their legal paperwork alongside witnesses, Colin, the best man and Monique’s aunt, Belinda, Monique’s very talented brother Ryan, entertained everyone with a  violin solo while the signing took place. 

Chris and Monique have created such a loving story so far and have achieved so much together. They look forward to spending time with their respective family and friends and planning more exciting trips and adventures as they continue to share one future as the new Mr and Mrs Hart.

The who’s who of Chris and Monique’s Wedding: 

Celebrant: Neil McKenzie, Fuze Ceremonies 

Photo & Video: Weddings by AR 

Dress: Aimee Bridal Couture 

Brides Makeup: Amabeautye 

Brides Hair: Beauty Splendour 

Kilts and Trews: House of Henderson